Frequently Asked Questions
Why IB?

IB outperform other curriculum programs with its complete curriculum systems, international education philosophy, curriculum framework that can integrate local courses, and high recognition by well-known universities.

What are the characteristics of CISK?

Foreign teachers teach in pure English, providing students with a good immersive English environment;

Small class teaching, no more than 20 students in a class, students have a higher degree of attention in the class;

The school has students from 26 countries and regions, providing a diversified learning community environment;

100% of the graduates were admitted by the first choice.

What are the class sizes?

The CISK class maximum sizes are as follows:

Kindergarden -Each class has 2 teachers;1 homeroom teacher and 1 co-teacher.

Our class sizes vary depending on grade level:

Pre-N: Maximum 15 students

N-G12:Maximum 20 students

Throughout the school,the average teacher to student ratio is 1:4.

How do you select my child’s teacher?

Our counselors work with principals and teachers to create balanced classrooms.In the PYP,students are placed into class groups based on their learning personalities,gender,former teacher recommendations,individual strengths,and the diversity of the class.Our counselors and principals make the final decisions regarding classroom assignments in order to create the best learning environment for all our students.

Our MYP and DP students will have a different teacher assigned for each subject and placement is based on level,schedule and student makeup of classes.

Does CISK provide a bus service?

CISK coordinates a bus service with an external contractor to enable students to travel to and from school.Annual fees for this service vary depending on the distance students commute.The bus service is an optional,annual fee that is refundable per school year.

What are the school hours?

Our school day starts at 8:30 am each morning.Students must be in class at this time.Classes end at 3:40 pm every day.

And the Co-curriculum Activities were provided from Monday to Thursday after school to fulfill the school life.your children will leave school 4:30 pm if they have CCA.